Peter Harris

Relationship Manager - NSW & ACT

Peter Harris, a true Panania local, found his passion for sports back in his Picnic Point High School days. Sports were more than a hobby – they were a way of life for him. From basketball to rugby league, volleyball, water polo, athletics, cross country, and swimming, he didn’t just play; he lived and breathed sports. His school gave him the chance to dive into various teams and competitions, sparking his love for athleticism and teamwork.

His leap into finance was unexpectedly perfect. Thanks to family ties with a TAB owner, Peter found himself working part-time at a TAB office during his university stint. That gig taught him a lot – how to ace customer service and handle cash like a pro. Little did he know, that experience would shape his career in banking. Starting as a teller, he climbed the ladder, becoming a loans officer, a home loans specialist, and eventually a business relationship manager, dedicating over two decades to the National Australia Bank (NAB).

Peter’s focus mainly revolved around Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), but he also delved into Private Banking, rubbing shoulders with the elite in Sydney’s high life. Yet, beyond his professional wins, what truly matters most to Peter are the deep bonds he’s built along the way. He met his wife and forged lifelong friendships during his NAB journey. Being a loving dad to his three kids tops his list of achievements. His evolution from a sports nut to a successful relationship manager echoes the versatility and richness of his life’s story.