Joshua Diab

Associate Director

Joshua Diab’s professional journey is marked by significant mentorship, inspiration, and self-discovery. Guided by industry leaders, he has been encouraged to embrace challenges and strive for self-improvement. Joshua holds dual degrees in Bachelor of Applied Finance and Bachelor of Commerce – Professional Accounting, completed from February 2019 to December 2023, providing a strong foundation for his career.

He began his career in September 2019 as Office Support, quickly advancing to Junior Commercial Associate in January 2021, then to Commercial Associate in August 2021, and finally to Senior Commercial Associate from July 2023 to May 2024. Joshua specializes in complex property and development transactions across major banks, non-bank institutions, and private funds.

Throughout his career, Joshua has managed high-profile transactions, including a $103M residual stock deal, a $258M portfolio transaction, a $107M construction facility for 157 apartments, a $16.22M shopping center in a transitional phase, and a $62.665M land bank on Sydney CBD and Western Suburbs development sites. He also oversaw an $18.775M acquisition of a part-completed office building, a $10.666M construction of boutique apartments in the Eastern Suburbs, a $33M land bank transaction on a fringe Melbourne CBD development site, a $57M construction project for 57 townhouses in Western Sydney, and a $14.30M major bank land back development site in North Shore, among others.

Joshua’s professional ethos centers on treating others as he would wish to be treated, emphasizing empathy, respect, and fairness. His commitment to understanding clients’ needs and providing innovative solutions has been key to his success. He values patience, recognizing that significant achievements require time and perseverance, guiding him toward long-term success in both his professional and personal life.