James Margan

Associate Director - Sales

James Margan’s professional and personal journey is intricately woven with moments of guidance, inspiration, and self-discovery. His growth and drive have been significantly influenced by the support and motivation provided by individuals like Matthew Johnson, Jean-Pierre Gorton, and Ryan Nelson, who have played a monumental role in pushing him beyond his limits, encouraging him to embrace challenges, and constantly strive for self-improvement. Their guidance has been instrumental in shaping James’s outlook, driving him to approach every task with a determination to excel and a hunger to learn.

In the realm of his professional ethos, James wholeheartedly embraces the principle of treating others as he would wish to be treated. This philosophy acts as a guiding beacon, providing a moral compass in the dynamic and sometimes challenging landscape of his industry. It serves to remind him of the importance of empathy, respect, and fairness in all his interactions, allowing him to navigate complexities while staying true to his values.

Beyond his professional pursuits, James finds solace and rejuvenation in his love for rugby and sports in general. The intensity and camaraderie of sports serve as a counterbalance to the desk-bound aspects of his career, offering a sanctuary where he can unwind, refuel his energy, and maintain a sense of equilibrium.

An enduring lesson that James holds close is the significance of patience as a virtue. He recognises that substantial achievements and worthwhile endeavours don’t materialise overnight. This principle guides his approach, instilling in him the perseverance and resilience required to endure the journey towards long-term success. It’s a reminder to remain steadfast, committed, and focused, understanding that the best outcomes often require dedication, time, and unwavering determination.

James Margan’s narrative is one of continuous growth, shaped by the wisdom gleaned from mentors and fuelled by a passion for fairness, sportsmanship, and the acknowledgment that patience and perseverance pave the way to meaningful accomplishments in both professional and personal spheres. His journey is a testament to the harmonious integration of values, learning, and a commitment to excellence.