Simone Bertalli

Associate Director - Sales

Simone Bertalli’s upbringing in a tranquil country town fostered a carefree childhood filled with barefoot adventures, tree climbing, and boundless freedom. This upbringing instilled in her a resilient spirit and an unwavering belief in her ability to tackle anything life presented. Her fascination with property flourished during her teenage years, leading her to construct house and land properties until encountering finance hurdles with a client, which sparked her passion for finance. Venturing into the budding field of finance brokering, Simone witnessed the industry’s evolution and growth over the last few decades.

Describing her leadership style as gentle yet focused on respect for all, Simone believes in the power of creating a positive work environment through mutual respect, fostering increased productivity. Infusing a sense of fun into the workplace, she understands the importance of making work enjoyable, ultimately reducing turnover and enhancing overall productivity.

Simone’s early career experiences, notably being pushed into the deep end on a real estate listing, taught her invaluable lessons about resilience and tenacity. As a trailblazer in the predominantly male-dominated commercial finance sector, she aspires to inspire the next generation of women to enter this field. 

Beyond her professional life, Simone finds solace coaching basketball or water skiing at the lake during summer. These activities demand her full attention, providing a balanced life perspective and aiding in achieving equilibrium.

Reflecting on her journey, Simone sees how her diverse experiences in property development and residential finance seamlessly led her to the realm of commercial finance. Leveraging this wealth of knowledge has proven advantageous in her career trajectory. Simone Bertalli’s journey embodies resilience, adaptability, and a steadfast commitment to empowering women in a male-dominated industry while finding balance and fulfillment in both professional and personal pursuits.