Anthony Arida

Associate Director - Sales

Anthony Arida joined the broking industry in 2016, focusing primarily on residential lending; however, he was quickly drawn to the complexities of commercial finance and began exploring opportunities in that area in 2016. Through a diverse range of transactions across the country, he developed a passion for assisting small and medium-sized enterprises and enjoyed using his creativity to find unique solutions for clients.

Anthony’s progress in the commercial finance industry was aided by his mentors, particularly those at Simplicity Loans & Advisory. Their guidance provided him with invaluable opportunities to enhance his skills and advance his career. Moreover, Anthony’s passion for continued learning and adaptation to changing environments has allowed him to provide his clients with a competitive advantage.

Over the past years, Anthony has assisted numerous clients in an environment that required innovative and alternative options. He strongly believes in the importance of customer centricity and takes pride in providing exceptional service to all his clients based on trust, honestly and respect. Understanding his clients’ unique needs, communicating transparently, and ultimately helping them achieve their financial objectives and exceed their expectations are his primary goals.