Kim Le Sech

Relationship Manager - QLD & WA

Kim Le Sech’s career in banking commenced in 1996 in the offshore financial hub of the Jersey Channel Islands. Over the years, she embraced a variety of roles within different departments, consistently seizing opportunities for career advancement. The skills and insights gained during her time in Jersey proved invaluable as Kim and her family relocated to New Zealand and later Australia, where she dedicated nearly two decades to the Westpac Group.

Within Westpac, Kim explored a range of roles, but it was in the realm of lending, encompassing both residential and commercial lending, where her true passion ignited. Joining Marketplace Finance was a natural choice, as the team’s collective zeal for all things commercial shines through in everything they do.

Throughout her professional journey, Kim has been fortunate to cross paths with numerous exceptional mentors and inspiring colleagues. Many of these connections have evolved into enduring friendships, and her mentors and colleagues have played pivotal roles in her growth. They generously shared their wisdom, provided training, and passed on their knowledge. High-performing colleagues set a high standard, motivating Kim to continually strive for excellence.

In her approach to work, Kim holds trust, integrity, and passion as non-negotiable cornerstones. Her ambition is to be remembered as a supportive, loyal, and dependable colleague who forges enduring relationships with both peers and clients. She cherishes every professional connection she’s made over the years, be it with clients or colleagues, and hopes that they too remember their interactions with warmth and appreciation.

Beyond her professional life, Kim Le Sech is an avid ocean and open-water swimmer, finding solace in the water year-round. Additionally, she is drawn to the tranquillity of nature, engages in meditation, and prioritises quality time with her family and friends. Her daily routine is adaptable, acknowledging that no two days are alike. Sometimes, she rises at 4 AM to structure her day, while other days, she allows herself to sleep in until 7 AM. This flexibility enables her to harmoniously allocate time to her work, home life, and the pursuit of her interests and hobbies.