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Commercial finance refers to a variety of financing options for your business, ranging from providing financing for the purchase of assets and real estate to considering your sales invoice and wealth management facilities. We can assist you in financing real estate, construction, and a place of business. There are a variety of commercial mortgage products available if you are purchasing to occupy or as an investor, constructing, or remortgaging.

  • Mortgage lenders of all types are available.

  • Development funding for all types of construction projects

  • Remortgages are used to release cash from a current property or to reorganise repayments.

  • Bridging loans are used to facilitate short-term transactions.

Our Commercial Finance Brokers in Brisbane Can Assist in Tailoring a Loan to Suit Your Commercial Needs

The Process of obtaining a Commercial Property Loan are as follows: 


To qualify for a commercial property loan, you first must mortgage a commercial building that you own. Based on your lender's requirements, this could be an office complex, a manufacturing plant, or even a food store.


Amount of the Loan

The loan-to-value (LTV) of a commercial property helps determine how much financing you can obtain. Commercial real estate loans, as opposed to residential property loans, are known to have lower LTVs. The maximum loan-to-value (LTV) offered for commercial purchases is typically between 60 and 75%. 



The tenor of a commercial real estate loan is typically long, up to 18 years, allowing for reimbursement flexibility. Because the loan is secured by valuable leverage, the interest rate on a commercial real estate loan is low.


What are the common features of a commercial real estate loan?

  • Individuals, corporations, trusts, and self-managed pension funds are all acceptable.

  • Term: Up to 15 years (longer if requested) or 30 years for residential protection.

  • Up to 5 years at 0% interest (longer on application).

  • Variable, fixed (up to 5 years), or bank bill interest rates are available.

  • Additional repayments are permitted on variable loans.

  • Redraw: This option is available for prepaid sums.

  • Offset accounts are typically not accessible.

  • Lines of credit (LOC): These have higher interest.


We can understand if all this sounds overwhelming. So what’s the next step? Contact the best commercial loan providers in the business and let us help you get the best commercial finance solutions. Call Simplicity for any and every commercial finance problem.

Our Commercial Finance Solutions

With a financing solution that best meets your company's needs, you can ensure the long-term viability of your venture. Select the right loan, and your company's growth is virtually assured, allowing for greater accuracy and profitability. On the other hand, if you choose the wrong loan, you may be saddled with the repercussions for years to come. It's a relief, then, that our committed experts customise financial solutions to enhance long-term business expansion.


With a mortgage market full of prospective offers, it couldn't be more essential for you to understand the best choices available to you. Commercial mortgage contracts appear to be a 'fact-of-life' in society today, promoted by a raft of lending institutions. Our thorough connection to the commercial market allows us to help determine the best option for you, creating a customised solution personalised to your requirements.

Choose The Right Commercial Loan With Simplicity

Transparency is our guiding principle at Simplicity. From the initial moments of your no-obligation introductory meeting to choosing your greatest financial solution, our thorough mortgage and medical coverage advice (covering personal and commercial situations alike) relieves you of all stress, so you don't have to worry about those things. Our finance people locate funding possibilities that reflect your corporate goal while also improving the business security. They are available to provide specialised knowledge of the sector. Whatever your business goals are, we will work with you to conquer trade challenges and obtain corporate borrowing to help you achieve them. Whether you already have a mortgage proposal or are looking for one, our impartial financial advisors will work to find the most competitive prices and products for your particular circumstances. Take a glance at how our diverse array of options can help you build a solid financial foundation, from commercial mortgages to other financing options.

What Makes Us Perform?

With our years of experience in the commercial financing sector, we can vouch for our market research and the extent to which we will go to provide our clients with the best commercial loan. Simplicity gives you peace of mind with secure, personalised assistance.


Our industry professionals use their knowledge to provide guidance and advice at every step of the process, no matter what difficulties you may face. After all, name and reputation are not built on just good intentions, one needs to promise to put in the effort too. You can be confident that our detailed evaluation of your needs will deliver only the best solution for financing your latest commercial venture.


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