John Oakley

Associate Director - Sales

John Oakley’s journey has been shaped by a supportive family that instilled in him a strong work ethic and a drive for personal growth. Growing up, he found fulfillment in sports, relishing both individual achievements and the dynamics of team success. Leading various teams in his youth laid the foundation for his future role in managing sales teams within the real estate and finance sectors. His joy stems from helping others achieve their property and financial objectives.

After dedicating nearly 15 years to excelling as a prominent real estate agent, John reached a pivotal moment when he sought a better work-life balance upon starting his own family. This transition led him to evaluate his career trajectory and embark on a new chapter, transitioning into the finance industry.

Throughout his career, John garnered numerous industry awards, a testament to his excellence and commitment. Transitioning into finance, he was nominated as a ‘rising star’ and rapidly ascended within the company. However, his most fulfilling achievements lie in nurturing highly successful and efficient teams, witnessing their individual growth and progress.

Embracing change after 15 years in one industry was daunting, filled with fears of failure, new environments, and self-expectations. Yet, John tackled these challenges head-on by seeking guidance from peers, pushing himself daily, and realising that progress is achieved step by step with patience and perseverance.

His customer-centric approach defines his work ethos, prioritising clear communication and involvement from everyone involved. John thrives on empowering individuals, offering solutions, and adding value wherever possible. His career transition symbolises not just change but growth, reflecting his unwavering commitment to continual self-improvement and the empowerment of those around him.