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Simplicity named 2019 AMAs New Brokerage of the Year

Simplicity Loans & Advisory was crowned “New Brokerage of the Year” at this years Australian Broker Mortgage Professional Australia - Australian Mortgage Awards 2019. It’s a testament to all the hard work that is put in by our team on a daily basis - always putting our clients first. Recognition is deserved by all team members.

Danny Alvarez, David Delgado, Samantha Robinson, Anthony Arida, Isabella Constantinou, Joshua Mansour, Ivan Kampic, Matthew Johnson, Jean-Pierre Gortan, Zoran Petkovski & Joshua Diab

Special thanks to FAST for all their support Brendan Wright Rob Ryan, Patrick Clarkson, Mimi Jawad, Ivana Pipic-Batar, Melissa Raad & Paul Saba

#commercialfinance #brokers4brokers #mortgageprofessional #clientsfirst

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