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Continuing our commitment to broker development

To continue our commitment to assisting broker development, our director Jean-Pierre Gortan will be presenting at the next Sydney MFAA Commercial PD Day.

The Mortgage and Finance Association of Australia (MFAA) Commercial Education Program will demystify and unclutter the challenging Commercial and Asset Finance landscape like no other program.

In four distinct and interactive sessions you will understand and apply the skills and knowledge required to competently approach enquiries relating to:

  • Business Finance

  • Including Business Purchases, Working Capital & Short

  • Term Business Loans

  • Vehicle and Equipment Finance and

  • Commercial Premises Purchases

  • Development Finance

The FACILITATORS: Todd O'Neill of Mardent Group has over 20 years experience in lending and direct training of brokers.

Supported by subject matter experts Jean-Pierre Gortan Simplicity Loans & Advisory , and Nathan Keating of Pearl Financial Services.


Session One: Commercial Fundamentals & Business Finance

  • Types of commercial finance available

  • Commercial conversations – How effective conversations assist conversion

  • Key questions to ask prospective business finance clients

  • Financials and cashflows – How forecasts can help you identify the right product

  • Identifying opportunities for Business Finance within your existing customer database.

Session Two: Vehicle and Equipment Finance

  • The process and options for a business to purchase or lease motor vehicle or equipment assets

  • Key numbers when putting these transactions together

  • Identifying opportunities for Vehicle and Equipment Finance within your existing customer database

Session Three: Commercial Premises Purchases and Development Finance

  • The process to complete a commercial premises purchase

  • The top questions to ask to determine who to go to

  • Key numbers when putting a commercial premises purchase transaction together

  • The process to complete a development finance application

  • Rules of thumb and the three risks of development finance

  • The financials that need to add up for a development finance application to work

  • Case studies and feasibility analysis

  • Types of lenders and when to use them.

Session Four: Industry Experts Panel

  • A panel of industry experts will discuss the current industry trends, changes and the opportunities within the commercial landscape.

  • Open Q&A involving the panel and our facilitators.

Reservations can be made here:

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