Ryan Nelson

General Manager - Origination and Fulfillment

Ryan Nelson brings a diverse and rich background to the world of commercial banking. With a solid foundation in Human Resources before embarking on a successful 11.5-year journey with National Australia Bank (NAB), Ryan’s experience is nothing short of impressive. During his tenure at NAB, he showcased his versatility by working in front-line roles, and for over five years, he thrived in Senior Partner leadership positions where he skillfully managed highly successful front-line sales teams. This dynamic experience has made him a well-rounded professional with a unique perspective on client relationships.

In the world of commercial banking, Ryan Nelson’s dedication to putting the client’s best interests first, fostering a positive and supportive team environment, and leading by example are paramount. With his background, values, and remarkable experiences, Ryan believes that by thinking with empathy, communicating with unwavering honesty, and acting with the utmost integrity, he can build not only lasting financial success but also enduring and valuable relationships with his clients. Ryan is a true asset to the field, driven by a blend of passion, dedication, and international cricketing experience that sets him apart.

Ryan’s commitment to leadership extends beyond the home and office. He proudly serves as a life member of the esteemed Northern District Cricket Club in Sydney, where his dedication shines through not just as a member but also as a valued coach. Ryan’s involvement extends to the executive committee, where he plays an instrumental role in guiding the club’s success.

Beyond his professional life, Ryan finds his greatest joy in his family. He resides on the picturesque Central Coast, where he shares his life with his wonderful wife, Emily, and their two cherished children, Elke and Bowie. Not to forget their adorable black cat with a fluffy tail, aptly named Cloud, who adds an extra dose of charm to their household. Their weekends and leisure time are primarily dedicated to exploring the breathtaking beaches of the Central Coast, creating lasting family memories.

A little-known fact about Ryan is that during his early 20s, he embarked on a cricketing adventure abroad, playing four seasons of cricket in England. This international experience further enriches his skill set and showcases his relentless pursuit of excellence.