John Lafkas

Relationship Manager

John Lafkas’s life journey has been shaped by pivotal moments and experiences that have had a profound impact on his career and personal development. During his first year in university, he faced academic challenges, failing several subjects, which made him question his commitment to higher education. However, a transformative conversation with his uncle reignited his determination, leading to four years of academic success. This period instilled in him the belief that even in the darkest times, one can bring clarity and positivity to the table.

John’s pursuit of personal growth led him to enlist in the Greek army, where he encountered rigorous training, challenging conditions, and less-than-ideal treatment from senior officers. This experience taught him enduring lessons in discipline, time management, endurance, and patience, reinforcing the notion that adversity can shape a person’s character.

Beyond his professional life, John has a deep passion for fitness, sports like basketball and soccer, and reading. Balancing these personal interests with a demanding career requires a structured plan and priorities, ensuring a harmonious coexistence.

For aspiring professionals in his field, John offers valuable advice, encouraging them not to be deterred by barriers and to learn from experienced mentors. Reflecting on his journey, he emphasises the importance of looking forward and drawing on past experiences and lessons as a guiding force for the future.

In the future, John aspires to acquire more knowledge, mentor his team, and create lasting memories with his family. His dedication to raising awareness about industry challenges and his commitment to helping those in need make him a valuable contributor to both his field and community. John Lafkas’s unwavering dedication and positive outlook serve as an inspiration to others as he continues to shape his path with resilience and purpose.