Jean-Pierre Gortan

Managing Director - Major Clients and Technology

Jean-Pierre (JP) is a distinguished co-founder of the SLA Group of companies, with over two decades of expertise in lending and banking. His journey is defined by spearheading intricate commercial transactions within the organisation. JP’s extensive portfolio covers a wide range of lending transactions, including substantial commercial investment loans, leverage deals, structured equipment finance, and construction loans, some exceeding $750 million.

Before co-founding Simplicity & MKP, JP led the commercial division at a prominent Australian brokerage house. During his tenure, he oversaw settlements totalling over $2 billion, leading his team to secure 15 prestigious state and national awards. Notably, he was named National Commercial Broker of the Year by ANZ in 2014 and Westpac in 2015. He also earned numerous accolades from renowned aggregators.

In 2023, JP added to his impressive list of accolades, winning the Australian Broker of the Year and Commercial Broker of the Year awards at the Australian Mortgage Awards, as well as the Commercial Broker of the Year award at the Australian Broking Awards. He was also recognised as a Top Broker Commercial by MPA Magazine and earned a spot on the Global 100 list of Most Influential People in Broking.

In summary, Jean-Pierre is a luminary in commercial lending, celebrated for his leadership, extensive experience, and a record of accolades that reflects his unwavering commitment to excellence. With his recent awards in 2023, he continues to set the standard in the industry.