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Simplicity has a joint venture with Fairbridge Financial Services to bring this valuable insurance advice service. 

Given that you are reviewing current debt, or taking on additional debt we at Simplicity believe this is an appropriate time to review your insurances to ensure that it meets current needs Unfortunately, after an unfortunate event it is too late to then address


You may already have life, disability, trauma and disability income protection cover or considering insurance for the first time.

Five reason to undertake a review;

  1. Increase in liabilities.

  2. Change in personal circumstances e.g. family circumstances, work or salary increase

  3. Only funding insurance from superannuation. Impact on ultimate retirement balance along with lesser disability definitions can a be a recipe for disaster

  4. Best way to find  if rates are market competitive. Fairbridge work with all the major insurers which benefits our clients as we are not product aligned

  5. Not sure if product terms and conditions are current to market offerings. Insurers change products and you may not have current benefits and definitions.

  6. To ensure that cover is structured effectively from a tax deductibility and tax consequences perspective in the event of a claim.

For an obligation free discussion on this important matter contact Adam Wesek a Principal of Fairbridge Financials service 


Adam is a Principal of Fairbridge Financial Services and

has been advising business owners , families and individuals for 20  years

on the important matter of their personal insurances.

Want to know more about Fairbridge and ASIC regulated firm

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