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Given current uncertainty around the Coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19), we thought we’d let you know that we are here to help. We have established a new hot line for clients specifically to call if they are concerned about their ability to make their repayments and discuss what options are available.

Most lenders have announced support measures for business customers financially affected by the outbreak of Coronavirus. The measures will be available to eligible customers immediately and will remain in place for customers financially affected by the Coronavirus outbreak for an initial period of three months.


The impacts of this outbreak are expected to be felt across a wide and varied group of industries, and as we have no idea when everything might return to normal we are here to help.


Coronavirus support measures from lenders may include:

  • Redraws or Access to emergency funding 

  • Business Loan deferred repayments

  • Option to extend Loan terms

  • Restructuring and consolidating existing loans

  • Access to term deposit funds

  • Deferred payments for Credit Cards

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