Simplicity Loans & Advisory reaches $1BN growth milestone amidst COVID-19

Simplicity Loans & Advisory reaches $1BN growth milestone amidst COVID-19

Simplicity Loans & Advisory, a boutique brokerage and property advisory business based in Sydney and Brisbane, has today reported over $1BN in settlements since first launching in 2017.

Building the company from scratch, co-Managing Directors, Jean-Pierre Gortan and Matthew Johnson, identified a gap in the commercial finance sector and a need for brokers to diversify their offering which is setting them aside as a leader in the industry.

“We have experienced 90% YOY growth, settling 50%($500M) just in the last 12 months as we introduced Marketplace Finance’s solution to the market,” said Mr Gortan.

“Since officially opening our doors in July 2017 with 5 people, we have increased our headcount to 15 and we have plans to continue growing our team this year despite the COVID-19 crisis, as it’s presented us with a true opportunity to show the intrinsic value of a broker in a challenging lending landscape.”

Specialising in commercial finance, the business was borne out a vision to educate and enable Australia’s traditional mortgage brokers and other professional commercial loan referrers to grow the breadth of their expertise in light of a changing industry demand to maintain profitability and relevance to new markets.

In 2019, Simplicity introduced its digital solution, Marketplace Finance, to enable brokers to write and manage complex commercial loans, regardless of previous time and experience.

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“We think of Marketplace Finance as our growth engine and its offer brings added value and opportunity for brokers to thrive in this growing sector of the market. A key benefit of this solution is the provision of quick, efficient and systematic access to competitive commercial loan facilities which ultimately enables brokers to assist their clients in identifying and managing the right commercial solutions and deliver successful outcomes, so they can focus on deepening their client engagement by providing high quality financial and debt advice in unison,”

Mr Johnson explained.

“Over the last year, we made it our mission to impart our combined proven knowledge and experience towards the development of brokers in a new growth market through the introduction a digitally-enabled solution, as the residential home loan market started showing its first challenges. We believe it is achievable to address the fundamental change and challenges in the finance lending dynamics by harnessing technology and combining it with a systematic training offer,” concluded Johnson.

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