Residential, Retail, Commercial and Development Project: $26M

Simplicity Loans & Finance - commercial

Assisting my long-standing developer client with a substantial portfolio restructure was a pivotal endeavour. We managed various assets, including residential, retail, commercial properties, and significant development sites, with a total debt exposure of $26 million. Coordinating four distinct lenders, comprising a major bank, non-bank institution, and two private lenders, was intricate but essential to execute a strategic business plan focused on cost reduction and increased efficiency. 

Our ongoing support extends beyond the restructure; I continue guiding the client through their current projects and financial landscape. Their testimonial reflects our five-year journey, highlighting my dedication to securing tailored funding solutions that align seamlessly with their diverse project needs. Navigating complexities and ensuring competitive rates while maintaining transparent and seamless communication has cemented my role as an invaluable asset to their business. This experience underscores my commitment to ensuring the success of each client I serve.

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