Construction of 52 units: $25M

Simplicity Loans & Finance - residential

The transaction presented an intricate scenario, initially encountering obstacles amid the dynamic construction cost landscape and subsequent consecutive rate increases. These factors posed significant challenges, causing initial hesitation and complexities such as shortfalls. However, through adept restructuring, the deal eventually progressed, resulting in satisfaction for the client.

The client expressed contentment, notably acknowledging the successful negotiations with lenders and the adept management of various stakeholders including valuers, quantity surveyors, and builders. Their resilience and astute business acumen, cultivated through their hands-on involvement in owning and operating childcare facilities, solidified their position.

As a testament to their perseverance, this transaction is expected to substantially enhance the client’s financial standing, with an estimated net position increase of approximately $4 million upon completion of the sell-down. Throughout this intricate process, maintaining a consistent dialogue was crucial, averaging contact approximately 3 to 4 times daily over a span of 9 months.

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