Construction of 44 unit Dwellings: $14.17M 

Simplicity Loans & Finance - residential

The client’s heartfelt gratitude resonated deeply as we navigated the complexities of their situation, particularly concerning the winding up order and caveats. Their genuine thanks underscored the weight of their health, feeling the immense pressure to settle debts that directly impacted both their and their father’s well-being.

Successfully securing a lender who not only comprehended their circumstances but also agreed to refinance their portfolio for additional funds was a significant breakthrough. However, it wasn’t without its challenges, as manoeuvring through the intricacies of the winding up order and caveats required the collaboration and support of external parties to facilitate this crucial refinance and construction facility.

This client stands as a pillar in their field, boasting a robust assets and liabilities profile alongside a commendable property portfolio. The imminent transaction is anticipated to significantly bolster their financial standing, with an estimated net position increase of approximately $2.12 million post sell-down.

Amidst the intricate dance of challenges and intricacies involved, maintaining an intimate level of communication proved vital, averaging contact approximately 3 to 4 times daily over an extensive period of 8 months.

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